Republican Rick Wilson Destroys Trump Supporter Who Tried To Defend Trump’s Horrific Immigraion Policy -VIDEO

Republican strategist Rick Wilson stopped Jason Miller in his tracks when he tried to defend Trump’s horrific policy of ripping children away from their parents at the border. This “spectacle of cruelty” is meant to “whip up the mouth breathers, the morons who comprise the base.”

On Tuesday night, Republican strategist Rick Wilson appeared on CNN with former Trump aide Jason Miller. Things quickly went off the rails when Miller tried to defend Donald Trump’s policy of separating children and their parents at the border. Rick Wilson wasn’t having it.

After Miller said that there’s nothing Trump can do to stop this policy, Wilson said,

“That’s amazing to me. This is a guy who has governed by executive order. Everything is down to executive order and policy changes and this is a guy who is governed by using those two tools almost exclusively so far. And we have an example, when you were still there, still around, where they did the Muslim ban, it was a sweeping claim of executive powers on an immigration-related matter. And now they’re suddenly saying, oh, they have to respect congressional prerogatives now? I don’t think so. This has been a blackmail play from the beginning.”

Wilson went on to say that the Trump administration is infuriating people on purpose. He said that the whole thing was meant to be a “spectacle of cruelty from the beginning.” And he added that Trump is really trying to “whip up the mouth breathers, the morons who comprise the base.”

The entire exchange was crazy. But Wilson definitely got the better of Jason Miller. It’s really remarkable that there are still people who will actually try to defend Trump’s indefensible policy at the border. But here we are.


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