This Is The Animal Hero Story That You Didn’t Know You Needed Today

Donald Trump is doing his best to destroy this country. But today was the day that everyone came together to root on a wayward raccoon.

Tuesday morning, a cute little raccoon in Minnesota set off on a mission that ended up breaking the internet.

The animal was first spotted over the weekend at the Town Square building in St. Paul. A reporter from Minnesota Public Radio tweeted out this picture saying that the raccoon had been trapped on a ledge of the building.

When workers tried to rescue the raccoon on Tuesday he scurried over to the very tall UBS tower. And he started climbing. And climbing. And climbing.

He stopped climbing late this afternoon and took a long rest on a 23rd floor window ledge.

And now the whole internet is rooting for the little guy to make it to the roof of the building where fire fighters have set a live trap with some cat food. The windows on the building don’t open, so they can’t save him that way. They’re also afraid that if they try to use window washer scaffolding to get to him, it will scare him and he could jump. The poor little guy hasn’t had food or water for at least two days.

At the start of my day I never would’ve guessed that I’d be holding my breath rooting for a little Minnesota raccoon tonight. But this was just the story that I needed today. Come on little trash panda. You can do it!

There are even new raccoon twitter accounts.

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter tried to reassure people on social media Tuesday evening.

I have no idea how this little guy is going to get down. But I really, REALLY hope he does. We could all use some good news today.

You can follow updates on the raccoon on Twitter with the #mpraccoon hashtag and there is a live feed on Facebook as the drama plays out…


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