The Dems Just Did Something Amazing In Virginia!

Elections have consequences! Remember all of those seats in Virginia that the Democrats flipped a few months ago? Well those Dems just got a HUGE win for the people of Virginia.

Now this is some great news!

These brand new Dems are already making history. In the 2017 elections, Virginia took a big shift to the left. The Democrats picked up 15 seats in the House of Delegates and nearly took control of the body. They might not have taken control of the House but they were able to convince enough Republicans to come over to their side that they just passed Medicaid expansion for 400,000 poor Virginians.

For the last four to five years Republicans in Virginia have been vehemently fighting against Medicaid expansion. Donald Trump and the Republicans in the U.S. Congress have also been dead set against it. But, this week, the Republicans in Virginia lost.

Democratic Governor Ralph Northam ran on expanding Medicaid. And he is expected to sign the new legislation soon.

“Things take time. They happen in steps here,” Governor Northam told reporters after the vote. “The makeup of the House certainly changed.”

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Virginia is now the 33rd state to expand Medicaid under Obamacare.

USA Today reported on Thursday,

“In the final hours, Sen. Ben Chafin, a Republican lawmaker from Virginia’s economically depressed southwest coal country, announced his support for expansion on the Senate floor. He said his rural area needs expansion to bolster its hospitals and provide care for constituents.

“I came to the conclusion that no just wasn’t the answer anymore,” Chafin said.”

Thanks to this new legislation, Virginia will receive about $2 billion a year to help poor people with healthcare. Bravo Dems. Well done.

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