Burr Makes Significant Break With Nunes: There Were ‘Sound Reasons’ For FISA Warrant

More and more Devin Nunes is all alone on an island with Donald Trump. On Tuesday, Republican Senator Richard Burr all but said that Nunes has been lying.

On Tuesday, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr completely broke with House Trump lackey Devin Nunes. He told CNN that there were “sound reasons” for four different FISA court judges to approve the warrant to surveil Carter Page during the 2016 election.

“I don’t think I ever expressed that I thought the FISA application came up short,” Burr said when asked about House Republican memo alleging FBI and Justice Department abuses of the FISA process. “There (were) sound reasons as to why judges issued the FISA.”

Burr’s comments are in stark contrast with Nunes’ claims of FISA abuses and “deep state” corruption in the Carter Page case.

Unlike Nunes, Burr has been level headed throughout the Russia investigation. The Senate Intel Committee put out a bipartisan report earlier this month, agreeing with the Intelligence Community’s assessment that Putin interfered in our election in order to help Trump.

Nunes’ joke of a committee in the House shut down their investigation months ago, claiming that Putin wasn’t trying to help Trump. Even Putin himself admitted last week that he did indeed want Donald Trump to win the presidency. But that’s not stopping Nunes’ lies.

“Burr steered clear of the original controversy over the Nunes memo earlier this year, and the effort from House Republicans to make public the classified material contained in the FISA warrant application on Page. Things got so tense between the panels that Burr’s staff was denied access to the memo by the House Intelligence Committee before it was released.”

“Nunes used an obscure committee rule that allowed the classified memo on the FISA warrant application to be made public, which kicked off the chain of events that prompted Saturday’s release of the redacted FISA application following Freedom of Information Act lawsuits.”

Nunes is pushing to have the rest of the Page FISA application. and the subsequent three renewals, declassified and made public.

But Burr believes that the document never should’ve been released in any form.

“I cease to be amazed by how much stuff we release publicly now,” Burr said.

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