Finland’s Largest Newspaper Trolls Donald Trump With 300 Billboards -VIDEO

Vladimir Putin jails and murders journalists in Russia. Donald Trump calls the press “the enemy of the people.” On Monday, the two leaders are holding their first big summit in Helsinki, Finland. And the free press in Finland is giving them quite the middle finger.

Kaius Niemi is the editor-in-chief at Finland’s biggest daily newspaper, the Helsingin Sanomat. And he has just revealed that the paper is publicly protesting the way that Trump and Putin treat the free press by sponsoring 300 billboards to welcome the two leaders to Helsinki. They get an A+ for trolling skills.

Niemi tweeted a picture of one of the billboards saying, “As we welcome the presidents to the summit in Helsinki, we @hsfi want to remind them of the importance of free press. 300 billboards on the routes from the airport to the summit are filled with news headlines regarding presidents’ attitude towards the press freedom.”

So Trump and Putin will see 280 trolling billboards as they leave the airport on the way to the summit.

The newspaper points out that Finland is one of the world’s leaders when it comes to freedom of the press. And they explained, “these headlines are free to tell the truth.”

Well done Finland!

Watch the video:

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