Libs On Twitter Are Hilariously Trolling Alex Jones Today With #SecondCivilWar Tweets

Conspiracy theorist loon Alex Jones warned this week that the Democrats would be starting a second Civil War on July 4th. And then Twitter responded in the most hilarious way possible.

Earlier this week, InfoWars’ Alex Jones warned his insane followers that the Democrats were planning on starting a second Civil War on the 4th of July to take Trump down.

Jones’ claims are, of course, complete bullshit. But why bother arguing with people like Jones and his followers when you can instead just mercilessly mock them on social media? It’s so much more enjoyable.

And, for the past couple days, clever libs on Twitter have been doing just that.

So grab a hot dog and another beer and enjoy the updates from the Dems fighting on the front line this 4th of July in the second Civil War.

Happy 4th of July!

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