Prankster Places Putin’s Portrait Where Trump’s Should Be In Colorado Capitol

Well done Colorado. This is hilarious.

For a little while on Thursday, the portrait of Russian president Vladimir Putin was displayed where Trump’s portrait should be in Colorado’s Capitol building.

Before a prankster put Putin’s portrait in front of the wall of presidents, there was a blank spot where Trump’s portrait should be. State officials say that Trump’s portrait will be added to the wall once enough money has been raised to commission the painting. So far no one has donated.

Colorado Citizens for Culture is charged with collecting donations for the portraits. They need $10,000 for the portrait. But, so far, they say they have collected $0.

The group spent $10,000 on both Obama’s and Bush’s portraits. And they say that usually they collect the money within four months of a president taking office.

Trump has now been in office for 18 months. And there’s still no progress on getting his portrait up.

So,, on Thursday some anonymous person put up a portrait of our real president, Putin.

9News reported,

“Colorado State Sen. Steve Fenberg (D-Boulder) tweeted out a picture showing Putin’s mug on an easel – just below the space where Trump’s would go. Next asked, and a Fenberg aide told us this was not a Photoshop project. The picture is legitimate.”

Putin’s portrait was eventually removed by a party-pooper tour guide.

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