Samantha Bee Shreds The NRA Over Their Silence On Russian Spy -VIDEO

The NRA is mum about being investigated for laundering Russian money and giving it Trump. And they’ve been silent about the Russian spy who was arrested last week with connections to the organization. We want answers. So Samantha Bee made a mock NRA ad to get their attention.

On Wednesday night, late-night comedian Samantha Bee shredded the NRA and their spokeswoman Dana Loesch for their silence on the Russian spy who was arrested last week.

“NRA, you go on your little screen with your scary shark eyes to tell people to make out with their guns or whatever,” Bee said. “You make a narrative out of false context and fear-monger your followers into thinking they’re in a civil war.”

“Then you’re caught associating yourself with one Russian agent and you just disappear?” She continued. “What gives? I dare you to make a comment — I challenge you to tell me how it’s American for the NRA to take money from foreign agents who want to see our democracy burn.”

Russian spy Maria Butina was arrested last week for working with the Russian government to infiltrate conservative organizations, including the NRA, in order to influence U.S. politics.

Over a week has gone by, and the NRA still hasn’t said a word about the arrest or the accusations of Russian money laundering.

So Samantha Bee made a video aimed directly at Loesch and the NRA. And it was brilliant.

“You do want to be a star, right?” Bee asked, directing her question toward Loesch. “You’re the NRA’s spokesperson, so start ‘spoking.’ Your time is running out.”

“The clock starts now.”


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