Watch This Stunning Video Of Immigrant Children Representing Themselves In Court -VIDEO

This new video using actual court transcripts to reenact what the U.S. government is doing to immigrant children, forcing them to represent themselves in court, is absolutely heartbreaking. Who are we as a people to allow this??

This week, the Immigration Counseling Service put out a new video that is absolutely stunning. The short film is called Unaccompanied. And it depicts immigrant children representing themselves in court using actual court transcripts. It’s so outrageous that it seems impossible to believe. But this is what is really happening in this country right now.

In the video, former Oregon Judge William Snouffer plays the trial judge. And he asks young children things like, “Do you understand what these proceedings here in court are all about?” It’s just gut-wrenching watching the faces of these children looking scared and confused and clearly not understanding what they are being put through in this foreign place without their parents.

Filmmaker and producer Linda Freedman said, “I was stunned at the obstacles [the children] faced alone, and the disregard for their basic rights. I know in my heart that this film will find those of you who will rise up, as you always do, to help your fellow humans in their time of need.”


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