A Disgusted Rachel Maddow Slams Trump’s Lack Of Respect For John McCain -VIDEO

Rachel Maddow was absolutely disgusted with Donald Trump’s behavior toward John McCain Monday night. And she slammed him in a way that she rarely does. “Just shame!”

Donald Trump has proven once again what a truly vile human being he is. His petty hateful behavior toward John McCain over the weekend and into Monday was just gross. And, on Monday night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow hammered him for it.

Rachel couldn’t believe that the White House screwed up what she called “the world’s simplest, basic governing task” of honoring McCain, an American hero.

“If you can do nothing else,” Rachel said, “if you can accomplish nothing constructive, just be decent and don’t make it about yourself. But in this White House, just spectacular failure on both of those counts.”

Completely disgusted, Maddow said,

“Even people who disagree with him vehemently on specific policy matters, or on aspects of his record in politics, even people who dislike a lot of what John McCain did as a public figure, as a politician, have found a very easy path to recognizing his extraordinary, extraordinary service. Except for the White House, which has turned itself into a sideshow of, forgive me, but just self-interested incompetence, petulant grandstanding, caving, reversals and ultimately, just shame on this.

“I’m sorry to use such strong language. I try not to do that in general about anything in the news. But I think it is unavoidable here given the debacle they made here out of what ought to be the world’s simplest, basic governing task when confronted with a sad moment like this. All you have to do at a moment like this with a genuine fully-minted American hero, all you have to do, if you can do nothing else, is just be decent and don’t make it about yourself. That’s all you have to do. If you can do nothing else, if you can accomplish nothing constructive, be decent and don’t make it about yourself.”

“But in this White House,” Maddow added, “just spectacular failure on both of those counts. So I imagine the failure will continue on this front because it’s not like they have a real history of getting their ducks in a row when they fail like this, in such spectacular fashion. Especially with the condemnation they’re having from across the spectrum. But we will continue to watch them screw this up.”


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