C-SPAN Caller Tells Sebastian Gorka That He And Other Trump Aides Are ‘Treasonous B*tches’ -VIDEO

A C-SPAN caller nailed former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka on Tuesday, calling him and other Trump aides “treasonous bitches.”

On Tuesday, former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka appeared on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal. And it didn’t go well.

One caller made it clear that he thought Gorka and others on Team Trump were traitors to this country.

“Mr. Gorka, I just really look forward to when you and Corey Lewandowski, David Bossie and [Donald Trump Jr.], Jared Kushner, all of you are exposed for the treasonous bitches that you are,” the caller said.

The show’s host, Pedro Echevarria quickly dropped the call and apologized to Gorka. But Gorka insisted on responding, saying that the caller was “un-American.”

“Why is that man on the Democratic line?” Gorka whined. “Why is there such hatred out there? It’s just un-American.”

Gorka complained that “people need to get over the fact that we have a republic.” And he insisted that Donald Trump is the “duly elected” president.

“This level of hatred [is] not good for the health of the republic,” Gorka added.

It’s kind of remarkable that someone like Sebastian Gorka is complaining that people in this country are angry. The Trump administration has stoked that anger since before Trump even won the presidency.

C-SPAN might’ve dropped this call. But I totally agree with the sentiments of the caller. Gorka IS a treasonous bitch. And so is Donald Trump.


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