CNN’s Chris Cuomo Destroys Kellyanne Conway Over Trump’s Lies -VIDEO

Chris Cuomo absolutely destroyed Kellyanne Conway Thursday night. Usually Kellyanne tests my last nerve. But watching Cuomo nail her relentlessly over the lies was just delicious.

On Thursday night, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN with Chris Cuomo. And it didn’t go well.

I have to hand it to Cuomo; as hard as Kellyanne kept trying to change the subject, he was just relentless in nailing her for Trump’s lies.

Cuomo asked Kellyanne why Trump lied about his knowledge of the hush money payments that Michael Cohen made to women who slept with him. Kellyanne tried to push Trump’s lie about not knowing anything until after the fact.

But Cuomo didn’t fall for her bullshit. He played a tape of Trump talking to Michael Cohen about making a payment to Playboy model Karen McDougal. The tape clearly shows that Trump knew about the payments before they were made.

Cuomo then played the tape of Trump on Thursday morning talking to Fox & Friends where he lies and says that he didn’t know about the payments until after.

After Cuomo finished playing the tapes that proved Trump lied, Kellyanne absolutely refused to admit that Trump did indeed lie.

It’s irritating that Kellyanne refused to answer questions, but she was clearly overwhelmed. Kudos, though to Cuomo for holding her feet to the fire.


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