Fox’s Ed Henry Destroys Katrina Pierson: ‘You Keep Changing Your Story!’ -VIDEO

Former Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson was widely called out for her lies this week. Even Fox News called her out. Yes, really. Watch Ed Henry just crush her and her constantly changing story.

Last week former presidential adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman started her media tour to sell her new book. And she not only went after Trump. She also went after others in Trump’s orbit, including Trump’s former campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson.

In media interviews, Omarosa said that she knows there are tapes of Donald Trump using the N-word. Omarosa also said that others, including Pierson, knew that during the campaign.

On Monday night, Pierson made her own media appearances to try to defend herself and Trump, including an appearance on Fox News with Ed Henry. Pierson said then that Omarosa was lying. But it turns out that it was actually Pierson who was lying.

So, the next day, Omarosa released a recording of a phone call with several Trump aides, including Pierson, which backed up everything she previously said.

Then, on Tuesday night, Ed Henry had Pierson come back on Fox to explain why she lied to them the night before. And it didn’t go well.

After playing the tape of Pierson saying, “Yeah, he said it. He’s embarrassed,” referring to Trump’s use of the N-word, Henry laid into her.

“You told me you never said that,” Henry said. “You’re on tape!”

Pierson then stumbled and bumbled trying to explain away her lies. Her performance was complete with her reading talking points off of her notes whenever she didn’t know what to say. And remarkably, her new talking points were also lies.

A very frustrated Henry shot back, ”You didn’t say that last night. You changed the story today!”

I don’t normally praise Fox News. But kudos to Ed Henry for actually holding Katrina Pierson’s feet to the fire. We could use a lot more of that.


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