Host Shuts Down Republican Candidate After He Says Trump Has Not Been Implicated In Crimes -VIDEO

Fox News is like a broken clock. A couple times a day they manage to get something right. This is one of those times. You know things have gotten bad for Trump when even Fox admits he’s in big trouble.

Fox News’ prime time lineup with Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham is just as bat-shit-crazy as ever. There is seemingly no Trump behavior that they won’t defend. And even with the news this week of Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, pleading guilty to eight charges and Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort being found guilty on eight charges, the Trump propagandists at the network continue to say that the president has done nothing wrong and is in no trouble.

But then there’s the daytime hosts at Fox. Shep Smith for one has been telling his afternoon audience the truth about Trump and all of the lies that are passed off on the network’s evening shows.

And, on Wednesday, one of the morning hosts even shut down a Republican when he tried to say that Donald Trump has not been implicated in any crimes.

West Virginia attorney general Patrick Morrisey is running for a seat in Congress. And he tried to brush off all of the Cohen and Manafort news. He said, “Look, as a prosecutor I have to take a look at all of these facts. But one thing that I can see already [is that] the Mueller probe proved that there was no collusion.”

(The Mueller probe has proved no such thing.)

Morrisey added, “This has been a witch hunt for a long period of time. And no one is implicated in a crime. No one has implicated the president.”

The show’s host quickly shot back, “Michael Cohen did.”

Morrisey pathetically tried again to say that Trump has not been implicated. But as he closed the segment the host repeated to the viewers that Cohen implicated Trump directly in a crime on Tuesday.


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