Move Over Pizzagate, Make Room For Donutgate

#Donutgate or #Doughnutgate is the latest conspiracy theory from the right-wing nut jobs. And it’s just as crazy as you would imagine.

The far right loons seem to see child sex trafficking everywhere. And now they say they’ve found it in an Oregon doughnut shop.

Voodoo Doughnuts is a popular spot in Portland, Oregon. And now they’re being accused of hiding a leftist child sex ring. The allegations are reminiscent of the ridiculous charges made of a DC pizza joint in 2016, known as “Pizzagate.”

These latest accusations originated with a YouTube video featuring the claim. Media Matters reported on Wednesday,

“On August 4, a man named Michael Whelan, known on Twitter as VeganMikey went on Nathan Stolpman’s YouTube channel Lift the Veil to share an incident after, according to him, he “was made aware of people that were participating in sexual abuse and trafficking of children in the city of Portland, OR.” Stolpman claimed the incident was connected to the owner of Portland’s Voodoo Doughnuts and that they were going to “be linking this to Comet Pizza as well.””

“Whelan said he had been “eyewitness to children taken back” at a party at the home of Tres Shannon, the owner of Voodoo Donuts, where “there was abuse of children going on.” Whelan also claimed people within the alleged ring “had worked at Comet,” linking his allegations to Pizzagate.”

Isaac Kappy is a QAnon enthusiast who was among the conspiracy theorists pushing the baseless claim that Hollywood celebrities like Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg were involved in pedophilia rings.

In the Donutgate video, Whelan and Stolpman credit Kappy for bringing attention to pedophilia rings. They say that he is the inspiration for others to come forward making pedophilia accusations.

To give you an idea of how absolutely insane this new Donutgate is, even Alex Jones, who interviewed Kappy on InfoWars, thought that this was too much. Jones told Kappy to restrain himself from wide-ranging accusations and cautioned him from actually naming names.

“The claims about Voodoo donuts have reached Reddit, where users have shared Stolpman’s video within a QAnon subreddit. On the online message board 4chan — from where many hoaxes and harassment campaigns often originate — users appear to be actively organizing a campaign against the donut shop focused on distributing flyers containing the unsubstantiated claims.”

“These allegations have received much wider attention following Kappy’s endorsement. An analysis on the hashtag tracker Keyhole shows that tweets containing #doughnutgate are now gaining traction and its impressions have reached more than 826,477 users; tweets for #donutgate have reached an additional 186.623 users. According to Keyhole, the major related hashtags that appear next to #doughnutgate are #pizzagate and #pedogate.”

Watch a little of this bat-shit-crazy video:

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