This GOP Congressional Candidate Says She Was Abducted By Space Aliens. Seriously.

Florida Republican candidate for Congress Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, who has been endorsed by the Miami Herald, says, “I was abducted by aliens but that doesn’t define me.”

Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera is a Republican candidate in Florida running to win a House seat in Miami being vacated by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R). And she’s the perfect candidate for 2018. Because just like Trump, she’s bat-shit-crazy.

Aguilera, one of nine Republicans in the race, is a long shot to win her primary on Tuesday. But she scored a major endorsement last week when the Miami Herald endorsed her.

Aguilera told the AP on Friday that, even though she was abducted by space aliens when she was a child, she doesn’t want that experience to define her.

“It has nothing to do with what I have done,” she said. “It happened when I was 7 years old.”

In 2009, Aguilera gave a TV interview where she described her experience with the aliens.

“I went in. There were some round seats that were there, and some quartz rocks that controlled the ship – not like airplanes,” she said, adding that the aliens were large blond beings.

Last year, Rodriguez Aguilera told the Miami Herald that she joins “the majority of Americans who believe that there must be intelligent life in the billions of planets and galaxies in the universe.”

Aguilera admitted to the AP that most people will probably think that she’s crazy. But she said she refuses to back down and stop talking about things important to her, including her alien abduction.

“I stick to my guns when I believe in something,” she said.

But apart from her strange story, Aguilera believes that she is qualified and will do a great job representing south Florida in Congress.

“The theme of my campaign is people above politics,” she told the AP. “I train people around the world about democracy. I have the most experience. I can go in there and start working just as I have all my life.”

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