Tom Arnold Says He’s Seen Tapes Of Trump Using N-Word And Calling His Son Eric A ‘Retard’ -VIDEO

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night, Tom Arnold said that he has seen outtake tapes of Donald Trump on the The Apprentice saying some disgusting things, including calling his own son a “retard.”

On Wednesday night, comedian Tom Arnold made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And he revealed that he has seen a compilation tape of outtakes from Donald Trump’s reality TV show, The Apprentice. According to Arnold, Trump is heard casually using language that is, at the very least, extremely offensive.

Earlier this week, Arnold also told Rolling Stone that Trump often used the c-word on the set of his show.

Arnold has known Trump for 30 years. And he is now on the hunt for the elusive tapes which he plans to reveal on his new show on Viceland, The Hunt for the Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold.

Earlier this year, Arnold told People Magazine,

“There was a compilation tape of Apprentice outtakes. In the fall of 2016, I was doing stand-up comedy and the Access Hollywood tape had not taken him down. And I said, ‘I’ve seen a tape, because people share stuff, of him.’ I talked about the outtakes that I’d seen and I went into detail about the specific beats that were put together on the shows and the specific things he’d said. There was a soft N-word, there was calling Eric [Trump] the R-word. A compliment was him saying some of the work there was ‘fuckable.’”

Arnold says he didn’t hear Trump specifically call anyone the N-word. He did, however, hear Trump casually use the word in conversation. Arnold claims that Trump said “he didn’t want to go to Rao’s [restaurant in N.Y.C.] because there are crazy N-words on the way up there. It was just in conversation, like no problem. Everything he said was not in secret, no problem, just casual.”

In the Kimmel interview, Arnold called on The Apprentice creator Mark Burnett and MGM Studio to release the tapes.

“He’s incompetent, he’s racist, he sexually assaults people — they edit it into a 20 minute show and 20 minutes of the board room set,” Arnold told Kimmel.


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