Twitter Destroys Stephen Miller With #StephenMillersTheTypeOfGuy

Twitter is destroying Trump aide Stephen Miller in the way that only Twitter can. And it’s absolutely fantastic.

Stephen Miller is one of the more vile people that work in the White House. And, on Wednesday night, Twitter made their feelings about Miller known with the hashtag #StephenMillersTheTypeOfGuy. Sometimes it’s really fun to mercilessly mock these horrible people, even if it’s just to laugh to keep from crying.

Miller on the other hand is no laughing matter. He truly is a cruel creepy little f#cker.

CNN reported on Wednesday that Miller is continuing his detestable assault on immigration.

“White House adviser Stephen Miller strikes again, this time at legal immigrants. On Tuesday, CNN reported that the Trump administration is reviewing a proposal that could penalize immigrants who receive public benefits. Miller is pushing the White House to expedite a policy that would make the path to a green card or citizenship harder for immigrants if they — or their family members — have used certain government assistance programs. Immigration advocates and public health researchers told NBC News that this proposal represents the biggest change to legal immigration in decades, and that it could affect more than 20 million immigrants.”

CNN went on to say,

“Miller’s plan is as dangerous as it is insidious. It lays bare the xenophobia of the Trump White House (again). It is a power grab by the executive branch that would serve no legitimate policy goal. It is all about mean-spirited, fear-mongering politics.”

So you can see why people feel about him the way they do. Here are some great examples:

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