Watch: Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Shuts Down Dana Loesch In 2 Seconds -VIDEO

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch went on Fox & Friends to defend 3D guns. But show co-host Brian Kilmeade accidentally shut her whole argument down in just 2 seconds.

Earlier this month, NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch told Fox & Friends that printing a 3D gun is just like knitting.

“I’m interested in the mechanics of it, I just like how things work,” Loesch said. “And I think it would be fun to put it together. I mean, why not? It’s like, I also knit so… I do! I knit all the time.”

Loesch used her appearance on Fox to attack elected officials for trying to ban blueprints for 3D plastic guns from being posted online. She accused them of fear mongering and misrepresenting the facts about 3D guns.

Loesch tried to argue that the plastic guns weren’t actually undetectable because they have to have a small amount of metal in them to make them legal.

“It’s been illegal for 30 years [to build an undetectable firearm],” Loesch said. “Thanks in part to the NRA that none of these lawmakers want to acknowledge. But then they want to blame that organization simultaneously.”

“Criminals are not going to go out and buy 3D printing machines when they can get a boat load of firearms on the black market and file the serial numbers off!” Loesch exclaimed. “None of these arguments are based in reality. These people are fear mongering.”

Show host Brian Kilmeade then shot her whole argument down, saying that the guns could easily be made undetectable if “you want to pop that piece of metal out.”

Loesch, clearly not expecting him to say that, sat speechless.

When she gathered her thoughts she shot back, “If you want to break the law!”

Yeah, Dana. That’s the whole point.


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