Watch Shep Smith Shoot Down Every One Of Hannity’s Lies -VIDEO

They both work for the same network but they are worlds apart. One spreads lies and propaganda for Trump. The other deals in facts. It’s like they are living in two completely different realities.

This new video from Media Matters titled, “Fact vs. Fiction on Fox News,” is so great. It’s six solid minutes of Fox’s Shep Smith debunking Hannity lies.

Smith’s show is on during the afternoon on Fox, and he’s one of the only hosts working at the network that actually tells his audience the truth. But if you tuned into his show and then watched Hannity, who comes on during the prime time evening hours, you’d be very confused. The two men are telling the viewers two very different stories about Donald Trump and the Mueller investigation.

Hannity has consistently pushed Trump’s lies, especially when it comes to the Mueller investigation into Trump’s campaign for possible collusion with the Russians. Repeating Trump’s talking points Hannity calls the investigation a “rigged witch hunt.”

As a network, Fox has basically been state-run media for the Donald Trump administration. Most of their reporting is lies, misinformation, and propaganda. But Hannity takes it to a whole other level with his bizarre conspiracy theories.

I have no idea how Shep Smith still has a job at the Trump channel. But I’m glad that there’s at least one person telling the Fox viewers the truth.


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