Bill Maher Has Strong Message For Dems On GOP Socialism Charges -VIDEO

Bill Maher is absolutely right. Every Democrat running for office in November needs to listen to this.

On Friday night, Bill Maher closed out his HBO show Real Time with a really important message for Democrats running in November. It’s also an important message for Democratic voters who are trying to help elect Dems.

Maher made the point that the strongest voices opposing Donald Trump are actually Republicans. He named Nicolle Wallace, Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, George Will, Bret Stephens, Joe Scarborough, Richard Painter, Michael Steele, Jennifer Rubin, David Jolly, Ana Navarro, Max Boot, and David Frum as Republicans who are doing a better job speaking out against Republicans than any Democrat.

“They’re the ones who are out there with the gloves landing head punches, even Trump’s own people tear him down better than any Democrat,” Maher said . “Where are our potty mouths?”

Maher also talked about the Republicans’ strategy of labeling every Democrat as a “socialist.” He made some excellent points that Dems need to start talking about to educate people.

“Medicare is socialism,” Maher said.

“Trump just gave farmers a $12 billion bailout to make up for his stupid tariffs,” he continued. “We took tax money from some people, mostly in New York and California, and gave it to f**king farmers… that’s socialism. Socialism is the reason you don’t have to bring your own highway when you want to drive somewhere. It’s why there’s a fire department to show up when your burning Nikes spread to the house. The U.S. military does more socialism by 9AM than Venezuela does all day… Even Trump voters like their government goodies, so why can’t Democrats all get in a room and come out with a single answer to these ‘scary socialism’ charges? This is the attack on us! And Democrats’ response is? I would say crickets, but crickets make some noise.”


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