CNN’s Chris Cuomo Destroys Jay Sekulow’s ‘Evidence’ That Trump Didn’t Obstruct Justice -VIDEO

Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow went on CNN Wednesday night to make the case that Trump has not obstructed justice in the Mueller probe. Then Chris Cuomo completely destroyed his whole argument.

On Wednesday night, Donald Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow made an appearance on CNN. And it didn’t go well.

Chris Cuomo grilled Sekulow on several areas of legal jeopardy for Trump. And, point by point, Cuomo shot each of Sekulow’s arguments down.

“Hasn’t anyone explained to the president that [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions had no choice but to recuse himself?” Cuomo asked before explaining the conflict of interest guidelines for the Justice Department.

Sekulow tried to argue that the guidelines weren’t applicable because Sessions recused before Mueller was appointed. Clearly this makes no sense, but that was his argument.

Later in the interview, Cuomo and Sekulow discussed the firing of James Comey and the reality of obstruction of justice charges now likely facing the president.

Sekulow tried to say that Trump fired Comey based on a letter from Rod Rosenstein saying that Comey was unfair to Hillary Clinton during the campaign. But Cuomo quickly noted the Lester Holt interview where Trump admits that he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation.

“There is actually a transcript of the entire Lester Holt interview,” Sekulow said. “And as you know, because you do TV and know that when there are interviews, there are edits and there is a longer transcript. And I will just tell you without disclosing any detail, that when you review the entire transcript, it is very clear as to what happened and I’m not going to give you information on how we provided it, but in our professional discussions with the office of special counsel, we have addressed that on multiple occasions appropriately.”

It’s remarkable that this is actually the attorney for the President of the United States. His defense of Trump on Wednesday night was just pathetic. Jay Sekulow couldn’t even handle Chris Cuomo. How in the world is he going to handle Robert Mueller?

It’s impossible to watch this interview and not think that Trump is in big trouble.

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