Lindsay Lohan Chases Homeless Family, Accuses Them Of Trafficking Their Own Children, And Then Gets Clocked By The Mother -VIDEO

Lindsay Lohan chased this homeless family after accusing them of being Syrian refugees who were trafficking their own children. After Lohan tried to take the children, the mother punched her in the face.

In crazy celebrity news today, Lindsay Lohan shocked her fans when she posted a video to her Instagram account showing her following a homeless family and accusing them of trafficking their own children when they refused to let her help them.

People magazine reported on Saturday that Lohan has now deleted the video from her Instagram. But not before many people saw it, preserved it, and shared it all over social media.

TMZ reported that Lohan was in Moscow when she recorded the video. Lohan spotted the homeless family from her car and then began following them. In the video, 32-year-old Lohan identifies the family as Syrian refugees.

Seemingly trying to help the family, Lohan tells them that the two children can come with her and watch movies and TV on a computer. But Lohan became belligerent when the family made no move to come with her. It’s not clear whether the family even understood what she was saying to them.

The family eventually gathers their belongings and tries to walk away from the crazy Lohan. But she continued to follow them. She can be heard in the video asking the children if they’re “excited.” But the children did not respond.

When the family did not stop and get in her car, Lohan snapped and accused the parents of trafficking their own children.

Later in the video a woman’s voice is heard approaching Lohan, and then you can hear an audible gasp when the foreign mother socks Lohan right in the face.

Lohan then turns the camera around on herself where she tells her fans that the woman had hit her. “You guys, I’m so scared,” Lohan says as she cries and holds her face.



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