Republican Paul Gosar’s Siblings Put Out New Brutal Campaign Ad: ‘Don’t Vote For Our Brother’ -VIDEO

Republican Congressman Paul Gosar was just shredded in a new campaign ad. The best part? The ad features his own siblings saying, “Please, don’t vote for our brother.”

Rep. Paul Gosar is running for reelection in Arizona’s 4th district. And he’s got a big problem. His own siblings are encouraging voters to elect their brother’s opponent.

Six of Gosar’s siblings just released a brutal new campaign ad. The ad features Grace, David, Jennifer, Tim, Joan and Gaston Gosar just shredding their brother over Social Security, healthcare, water policy, and more.

“Paul’s absolutely not working for his district,” David says.

In the ad, all six siblings strongly endorse Gosar’s Democratic opponent David Brill.

CNN reports,

“Gosar has a long history of controversial remarks and actions. He promoted the conspiracy theory that the white supremacists’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last year was a plot by the left financed by Democratic megadonor George Soros, who Gosar said “turned in his own people to the Nazis.”

“In July, Gosar spoke in London at a rally for an anti-Muslim activist. He is also one of the staunchest opponents of legal rights for undocumented “Dreamers” in Congress.”

Gosar will likely win reelection. He won his seat in 2016 by 40 points. The rural district is ruby red. And Trump won the district by nearly 40 points.

But it certainly says a lot about this Republican that his own family is begging people to vote for his Democratic opponent.

Thanksgiving at the Gosar house this year is going to be lit.


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