Trump Gets Humiliated When Entire UN Laughs In His Face During Speech -VIDEO

When Trump gave his speech at the UN on Tuesday, he tried to use one of his idiotic lines from his campaign rallies – which usually gets him huge applause. But, when he bragged about doing more than any administration in history the entire room burst out laughing at him. It was actually hilarious.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump spoke before the United Nations General Assembly. And he completely humiliated himself.

At the very beginning of his speech Trump used a line that he uses at all of his campaign rallies. He boasted that “my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.”

Usually when Trump uses that line his fans cheer and scream for him. But Tuesday morning, when he spewed the ridiculous line to the UN, the entire world laughed at him.

He was clearly caught off guard when the room laughed at him. Taken aback, after pausing for a second he responded, “It’s so true… I didn’t expect that reaction but it’s okay.”


Later in Trump’s speech, the German delegation was caught laughing at him again when he made the ridiculous assertion that they would be fully dependent on Russian energy unless they “immediately change course.”


Trump might be a hit at his stupid rallies. But he is a national embarrassment on the world stage.

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