Barbara Streisand Debuts New Anti-Trump Video, ‘Don’t Lie To Me’ -VIDEO

Barbara Streisand is getting political again with her new anti-Trump song, “Don’t Lie To Me.” Streisand sings beautifully about what so many of us are feeling. Take a listen.

On Tuesday Barbara Streisand released her new video taking aim at Donald Trump and his lies. The song is titled, “Don’t lie to me.” And it’s from her new album “Walls” which comes out next month.

Streisand is a lifelong Democrat. And she’s certainly no stranger to partisan politics. Throughout her life she has campaigned for and donated to many Dems, including Hillary Clinton in the 2016 campaign.

In an interview with the Associated Press last month, Streisand said that she found inspiration to write “Don’t lie to me” when she was on a road trip listening to the news in the car. Streisand said she was “listening to lies, listening to things that are such craziness,” on the news about Trump and his administration. And it made her sick.

“I just can’t stand what’s going on,” the Oscar, Grammy and Emmy winner told the AP. “His assault on our democracy, our institutions, our founders — I think we’re in a fight. … We’re in a war for the soul of America.”

“I just went ballistic,” she said.

“I wanted to talk about the things that were making me feel so sad, heartbroken,” she said. “I’m a kind of fierce American. I don’t know who we are anymore as a country. Are we embracing people who flee oppression? Or are we separating children from parents, putting them in cages? I don’t know if people care about the planet, the survival of the planet. Do they care about clean air? Clean water? Clean food? If they do, how could they vote for somebody like Trump, who believes it’s a hoax?”

Streisand said that she is really scared for the country. But she still has hope that we can fix all of this if people get out and vote next month.

“It’s important that people vote. It’s important that people believe in the power of their own voice and how much that changes things. It’s like the kids speaking out, the Parkland kids,” she said.

“It’s easy to feel powerless now, but we’re not if each of us speak up and get out and vote.”


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