Conservative Evangelical Leader Admits That Trump’s Personality Is Blowing Midterms For GOP -VIDEO

This conservative Christian leader admitted on MSNBC Wednesday that Donald Trump’s personality will be the reason that Republicans lose the midterms.

This conservative Christian leader, Bob Vander Plaats, made an appearance on MSNBC Wednesday afternoon. And he admitted what most Evangelicals refuse to admit, that Donald Trump is going to cost Republicans the midterms.

Vander Plaats really wanted to talk about all of Trump’s “great accomplishments.” But when he was pressed he conceded that Trump’s personality is a big problem.

MSNBC host Craig Melvin asked Vander Plaats about Trump’s problem with women. “How real is the possibility that Mr. Trump’s personality may be costing your party some female voters?” he asked.

“There’s no doubt about it,” Vander Plaats said, admitting that Trump’s outrageous remarks and lies overshadow the issues Republicans would prefer to be talking about. “There’s a lot of times I’ve called him out on some of the things that he has said.”

“This midterm shouldn’t even be close,” he added, with obvious frustration.

When Melvin asked why the president has decided to make this election all about himself instead of things like tax cuts or the Supreme Court, Vander Plaats said,

“You took the words out of my mouth. If we make this about personality, I think that’s where the Democrats have an opening.”

The Evangelical community has been firmly supporting Donald Trump since before he even took office. But this interview shows that there may be some cracks forming in Trump’s Evangelical base. The first step is admitting that Trump’s personality and behavior are a problem. And Vander Plaats did that today.


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