Fox’s Eric Bolling Makes Debut Appearance On CNN And Gets Hammered, ‘You’re Not At Fox Anymore’ -VIDEO

Eric Bolling is learning the hard way that he’s not at Fox News anymore. He made his first appearance on CNN on Tuesday night. And they weren’t buying his BS.

Why CNN? Why?

Why would you bring Eric Bolling to CNN? He was a Trump toady when he worked at Fox where he co-hosted The Five. And he’s still a Trump hack now.

Bolling left Fox in disgrace after a sexual misconduct probe found that he had been sending his female colleagues pictures of his penis.

On Tuesday night Bolling made his debut appearance on CNN. And he found that it was much more difficult than his previous gig.

“The president has given more interviews to Fox and Fox Business — that’s not news — than any other media outlet,” CNN host Don Lemon noted. “It is like a megaphone for him.”

“There is a feedback loop between the White House and Fox News,” said CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter. “We know that Fox is his favorite. He’s not trying to communicate to the entire population, he’s trying to communicate with his base.”

After Lemon asked him about Trump’s relationship with Fox News Bolling started spouting White House talking points. When he tried to say that the United States is respected on the world stage again Brian Stelter jumped in.

“We all know that’s a bunch of bull,” Stelter interjected. “We know those are talking points, people see through them Eric, you don’t have to do it.”

“It’s not talking points, it’s reality,” Bolling argued.

“Respect on the world stage?” Stelter repeated sarcastically.

“You are not at Fox anymore, you don’t have to read that stuff anymore,” Stelter added.


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