In Scathing Editorial Devin Nunes’ Hometown Paper Shreds Trump’s Idiotic Idea Of Giving Him A Medal

On Thursday Trump said that Devin Nunes should be given the Medal of Freedom for protecting him from the Russia investigation. Today Nunes’ hometown paper The Fresno Bee absolutely shredded Trump’s idea, and Nunes in the process.

This week Donald Trump was heaping praise on one of his favorite Republican congressmen, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA). Nunes has basically been acting like a Trump lap dog, doing the president’s bidding on the House Intelligence Committee, and protecting him from the Russia investigation.

So on Thursday Trump said that he wanted to give Nunes the Medal of Freedom. He initially said that he wanted to award Nunes the Medal of Honor. But after someone told him that Medals of Honor are for military members Trump clarified and said he wanted to give Nunes the Medal of Freedom.

The Medal of Freedom is the highest civilian honor in the United States. Devin Nunes deserves no such honor. And I’m not the only one who believes that. Nunes’ own hometown paper mocked the whole idea and shredded Nunes in the process.

“With due respect to the president and his affection for Nunes, giving the congressman the medal would be laughable,” the Fresno Bee said. “For one thing, prior winners have been honored for their life’s work. Nunes, while having served in the House since 2003, is still an active representative whose career is not yet over.”

The paper continued,

“Besides, many would question whether Nunes’ accomplishments merit such a distinction. He has been roundly criticized for failing to advance any meaningful legislation for all his years in Congress. Among those making such criticism is his latest challenger, Andrew Janz, who is campaigning hard to unseat Nunes in the November election.

“Nunes’ work on the Intelligence Committee has been highly controversial, damaging and embarrassing. Nunes turned the committee’s traditional protocol — country before politics — upside down with how he has handled the committee’s investigation into Russian meddling.

“How ironic that the very medal Trump wants to give Nunes is called “Medal of Freedom.” Freedom from a real investigation?”

Then the paper offered a hilarious alternative to giving Nunes a medal.

“The Medal of Freedom should not be politicized. The president obviously is grateful to the congressman. But the better way to show it would be to give Nunes a stay at a Trump hotel, complete with some free breakfasts.”

This is the second bomb that the Fresno Bee has dropped on Nunes this week. Last weekend the paper, who has endorsed Nunes in every election since 2002, put out a scathing editorial calling him a “Trump stooge.” And they endorsed his opponent, Democrat Andrew Janz.

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