Randy Rainbow Knocks Another One Out Of The Park With ‘Be Best’ -VIDEO

In his new video Randy Rainbow hilariously puts Melania’s “shiny new self-righteous slogan to the test.”

Comedian and YouTube sensation Randy Rainbow has a new video out. And it does not disappoint.

This new video takes on Melania Trump’s ridiculous slogan, “Be Best.” And Randy Rainbow’s parody mocks an interview that Melania gave last week to Nightline.

“You always have the best taste in fascists, uh, fashion,” Randy says to Melania in his faux interview with the First Lady.

After a bit of snarky back and forth with Melania, Randy brilliantly breaks into the tune “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast.

“Keep your temper and remember our First Lady’s Golden Rule,” Randy sings. “Contradict solid proof. Be indignant and aloof. Human dignity….dismiss it. Be despotic, be complicit. Don’t unite. Just divide. Then ignore the other side when they exercise their privilege to protest.”

“Go on now be outrageous. Throw small kids in cages. Be the best. You look stressed. If I were you I’d be depressed. Just be best. Just be best. Just be best!”

“Pretend to give a shit and be a hypocrite, but the best. Be the best. Just be best. Just be best!”


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