SNL Took On Kanye’s Oval Office Visit, And It Was Hilarious! -VIDEO

Alec Baldwin was back this weekend playing Trump on Saturday Night Live. And he was brilliant!

On Saturday night SNL opened the show with a skit about Kanye West’s visit to the Oval Office. And it was hilarious!

Alec Baldwin was back in his role as Donald Trump. And he was joined by Chris Redd playing Kanye West and Kenan Thompson playing football legend Jim Brown.

“Thank you all for joining us today for this important discussion. It’s in no way a publicity stunt,” Baldwin’s Trump begins.

Redd’s Kanye then went into an unhinged rambling speech similar to the performance the real Kanye gave this week in his meeting with Trump.

In a voice over representing Trump’s thoughts Baldwin said, “Oh, this guy might be cuckoo. I’ve been in rooms with Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un and they made a lot more sense than him.”

“He doesn’t stop. He doesn’t listen to anyone but himself. Who does he remind me of?” Trump’s inner monologue asked. “Oh my god, he’s black me!”

Thompson’s Jim Brown also had some inner thoughts about Kanye’s behavior.

“Oh, my lord, what have I gotten myself into?” Thompson’s Brown said. “I played football with a leather helmet and my brain is still working better than his.”

At the end of the skit Kanye hugs Trump calling him “dad.”

“I love you Kanye,” Baldwin’s Trump responded. “We have a lot more in common than people know. We’re both geniuses, we’re both married to beautiful women and we both definitely have been recorded saying the ‘n-word.'”


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