Trump Blames Synagogue After Mass Shooting Because They Didn’t Have Armed Guards -VIDEO

It’s unbelievable. Donald Trump is actually blaming the synagogue for the mass shooting on Saturday morning because they didn’t have armed guards.

Eight people were murdered in a mass shooting at The Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday morning. Remember how President Obama used to address the nation after a mass shooting? Remember how he would speak with strength in times like this after a national tragedy?

Well things are very different now. Now we have an ignorant egomaniac who is incapable of empathy and compassion for the American people. So following the slaughter at a synagogue Saturday our so-called president blamed the victims.

As he headed out to do two campaign rallies Trump told reporters on Saturday that if the synagogue had had armed guards “the results could have been much better.”

Reportedly the gunman, who is now in custody, yelled “All Jews must die!” before he opened fire.

But Trump says that this mass shooting has “little to do” with gun laws. And he complained that the synagogue didn’t have “protection inside.”

Trump doesn’t believe that there is a gun problem in this country. He said instead that the real problem is that we don’t use the death penalty enough.

“We should bring the death penalty into vogue. It’s a terrible, terrible thing what’s going on with hate,” he said.

“Something has to be done,” he added. “The world is a violent world.”



Featured image via screengrab from video

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