Fox & Friends Host Trashes Trump During Fiery Rant – Video

Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade unleashed on Trump with a fury Thursday morning.

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Trump’s surprise announcement that he was withdrawing all 2000 troops from Syria apparently didn’t go over very well over at Trump’s favorite news programs – Fox & Friends.

Host Brian Kilmeade wasn’t holding anything back when he tore into Trump.

Kilmeade began the segment, stating:

Meanwhile, in a stunning and I think irresponsible move yesterday, the president blind-sided his Secretary of Defense, his National Security Advisor, people on the outside who have been advising him like General Jack Keane, as well as his State Department and decide he is going to immediately evacuate 2000 troops and the State Department is already packing their bags. We are leaving Syria.

Co-host Ed Henry unsuccessfully tried to steer the conversation back to friendlier turf for Trump, but Kilmeade was just getting started on his Trump rant.

Continuing, his rant, Kilmeade stated:

Nobody thinks ISIS is defeated. Nobody who understands, who was born after 2000, who sees what’s happened after 9/11. By the way, Brett McGurk, his personal envoy, just gave a speech last week saying ISIS is there, they’re still a factor, they’re far from defeated. There’s 30,000 there.

ISIS, al Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, have a main goal – hit us here at home, that’s why we fight them there. This gives Syria to Iran, who are high-fiving, to Turkey, who talked to the president two days ago, and Russia – they are the most elated. Excuse me, Hezbollah also.

We are giving Syria over and there’s some stunning news in The Washington Post – there’s been 39 tribal leaders killed in Mosul by ISIS leaders over the last month. They are surgically taking out all those people. They’ve forced them out of Iraq and are now forcing them out of Syria… The Kurds are frightened. They did all our fighting and now we are abandoning them. What does that say for future allies?

Ignoring Kilmeade’s question, Henry and co-host Jedediah Bila tried discussing that Trump has had more gains in the war on ISIS than any other president, but Kilmeade continued to rant, saying those victories were temporary, reminding his co-hosts what happened when President Barack Obama withdrew U.S. troops from Iraq.

“He is doing exactly if not worse than President Obama did. This is worse than blurring the red line,” he said.

Bila briefly interrupted stating that you have to remember other conservatives such as Libertarian leaning Senator Mike Lee of Arizona and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky who support the decision to leave Syria because “you can’t stay there forever.’

Kilmeade responded: “Let me ask you, Jedediah. What good is reelection if you go ahead and give Syria to Iran, lose Iraq again. Look at this stunning news – they  are reforming. This is according to our friends the Kurds: ‘Everyone is upset, sad, and afraid.’ Most who talked to Fox News are afraid to use their names. The Kurds did the fighting, we did the backing, we did the strategizing – now when we try to go back in there and reestablish ourselves, the big difference is the Russians because President Obama sat on his hands. The Russians came in and filled the void. We establish that area, started protecting the Kurds, pushing back on ISIS, and now we pullback, they come back. They’re not gone, they’re dispersed,” Kilmeade said.

You can watch the full segment, below. And be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

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