Noted Harvard Professor: Trump A ‘F**king Idiot With No Moral Compass’

Donald Trump

Harvard professor Laurence Tribe offered some colorful words regarding the current state of the Trump administration this week. 

Renowned Constitutional law scholar Laurence H. Tribe wasn’t holding anything back this week when he took to Twitter suggesting that Trump has been “compromised by foreign dictators” earlier this week.

Tribe, a frequent Trump critic, was responding to a tweet by Bloomberg host and CTV contributor Jon Erlichman who posted an innocuous list of “Things that didn’t exist on Christmas 15 years ago,” which included items such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Trump responded, tweeting: “Add one more: a president who’s a fuc@;ing idiot with no moral compass or respect for law who’s compromised by foreign dictators and may have committed felonies to win office.”

Tribe followed up the following day, explaining his tweet.

“I let loose on POTUS verbally to clear my head,” he tweeted, adding: “Getting those emotions out of my system helps me avoid confusing Trump’s merely gross or bizarre behavior with criminal or impeachable conduct. Venting is therapeutic for me. People who hold it all in may just be fooling themselves.”

Tribe is a frequent critic of the Trump administration and co-wrote a book earlier this year with Joshua Matz titled: “To End a Presidency: The Power of Impeachment.” As the book’s description on Amazon noted: “To End a Presidency addresses one of today’s most urgent questions: when and whether to impeach a president.”

The Washington Post called it “The most important book on impeachment in decades,” and published a two-part interview with Tribe and Matz shortly after the books publication in May 2018.

The Washington Post submitted questions via email to Tribe and Matz who “replied jointly.”

Of particular note is the following question and answer which appeared in appeared in part two: “So based on what you know, are there already grounds for impeachment?”

Answering the question, Tribe and Matz wrote that: “On the basis of what is already known, our book enumerates several potential grounds for impeachment.”

  1. Abuse of the pardon power;
  2. Imposition of kleptocracy;
  3. Obstruction of justice;
  4. Failure to protect the nation from foreign interference and cyberattack; and
  5. Possible conspiracy with foreign powers.

For those unfamiliar with his background, Tribe is a professor of constitutional law at Harvard Law School and the Carl M. Loeb University Professor at Harvard University, co-founder of the American Constitution Society, and has argued before the United States Supreme Court 36 times. The New York Times described Tribe as “arguably the most famous constitutional scholar and Supreme Court practitioner in the country.” Reflecting on his recordThe New Republic described Tribe as “the premier Supreme Court litigator of the decade,” and the Northwestern Law Review wrote: “Never before in American history has an individual simultaneously achieved Tribe’s preeminence both as a practitioner and as a scholar of constitutional law.”

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