Fox News Host Sean Hannity Implicated In Federal Crimes For The Second Time

Donald Trump & Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity appears to be in serious legal trouble after being implicated in possible criminal conduct for the second time in eight months.

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Fox News host Sean Hannity finds himself caught up — once again — in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and possibly that of the Southern District of New York.

Hannity first found himself in the crosshairs of federal prosecutors back in April 2017 when he was named as a client of Michael Cohen.

The New York Times reported on Monday, April 16, 2018, that:

During a hearing at a packed courtroom in Lower Manhattan on Monday, he was named as a client of Mr. Trump’s longtime personal lawyer and fixer, Michael D. Cohen.

That revelation nudged the conservative commentator into the orbit of those who have lately come under legal scrutiny related to the investigations of Mr. Trump and his associates by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, and the United States attorney’s office in Manhattan [the Southern District of New York].

Fast-forwarding to the arrest of longtime Trump friend and advisor Roger Stone.

Investigative journalist and author Kurt Eichenwald picked up on the fact that Sean Hannity appears to have been acting on the directive of Stone and his Wikileaks intermediary Jerome Corsi.

The story began on August 2, 2016, when Corsi (identified in the Stone indictment as “Person 1′) sent an email to Stone regarding a planned document dump on October 2, 2016, by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The goal of that reveal, according to Corsi, was to cause the most damage as possible to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (HRC).

In preparation of that reveal, Corsi wrote Stone that “[It] would not hurt to start suggesting HRC old, memory bad, has a stroke – neither he nor she well. I expect that much of next dump focus…”

At this point, Eichenwald deviated from his analysis briefly to express his outrage. “We do not need any further evidence of collusion – THIS is it. These bastards are willing to undermine democracy with lies,” he wrote.

Returning to his analysis, Eichenwald wrote that conservative website The Drudge Report picked up that story in a few days. “Then, EIGHT days after this conspiracy involving Corsi, Stone, Russian hackers, Assange, Frigging Sean Hannity jumps into the mix.”

Hillary makes a goofy head movement when someone shoves a mic her face. No one looking at that could see it as anything but what it was – physical humor. But, building on Drudge’s “she needs to be helped up the stairs” lie, Sean Hannity jumps all over this stupid movement to proclaim – JUST LIKE CORSI URGED – That Hillary had a neurological problem. On August 10, eight days after the “lie about her health” email, Hannity says on her show after showing the goofy head movement, “This looks like violent, out of control movements on her part.” He then goes on to say “seizures epilepsy” and drag on some incompetent boob medical guy to say, why yes, these are just what seizures look like. [emphasis Eichenwald’s]

Continuing, Eichenwald implicated others at Fox News and the network itself of participating in this conspiracy to damage Clinton — be it as knowing or unwitting accomplices.

NOW we know. This entire “Hillary has neurological problems” was part of a conspiracy. Corsi knew the Russian hackers wanted this, and told Stone. This was somehow going to be used in October 2 dump. The HUGE question – was there an email that discussed Hillary’s pneumonia, which is why conservatives turned up the “stamina stamina stamina” nonsense that was based on nothing? Did they know she was going to have to back off to recover, but pushed and pushed hoping she would implode? And THEN proclaim on air – TUCKER – that they didn’t believe it was pneumonia, but something far more serious, oh, perhaps the stuff Corsi talked about in conspiracy with the Russian hackers and Stone.

In everything I have seen, this is the most outrageous. There was an across-the-board messaging conspiracy maybe – MAYBE – no one at @FoxNews or Breitbart etc knew that there was a plot involving the Russian hackers to push a “she’s dying!” line in hopes of forcing the democrats to drop her. But what this DOES show is that this “This is news! No wait, It’s commentary!” evil where Fox News can say anything it wants. and then when caught in its lies, say “oh, we’re just a talk show.”

Fox, Breitbart and the rest of these bastards are knowing or unknowing participants in a fraud perpetuated by Russian hackers. Nothing will stop them, I know because their idiotic viewers cannot discern that everything Fox predicts never comes true (thus more proof of a massive government conspiracy.)

The rest of us: We have HULU, Netflix, YouTube. Cancel your cable subscription. Tell them you won’t indirectly support treason. [emphasis Eichenwald’s]

Wow! If Eichenwald turns out to be correct and if Hannity was a knowing participant, it seems likely that he might end up suffering the same fate as Stone and other Trump confidants who have ended up experiencing “Mueller Time.”

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