Hell Wants Its Demon Back

Donald Trump

Could the clock be running out for Trump? 

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It’s easy to miss some of the more entertaining news stories with all the media attention centered on the Covington Catholic scandal and the Trump shutdown.

Thanks to Philadelphia singer-songwriter and recording artist Ricky Davila, I was able to take note of one amusing bit of trivia. [You can check out his EP “Brain Activity” by clicking here.]

Late Tuesday night, Davila took to his Twitter to clue the rest of us in on the fun. “2017: Sinkhole opens up at Mar-a-Lago. 2018: Sinkhole opens up on White House lawn. 2019: Today, a sinkhole opened up a block away from the White House. Hell wants their demon back,” he tweeted.

A quick trip to Google confirmed the pattern.

  • May 22, 2017: NBC Miami reported that a sinkhole opened up “directly in front” of the entrance to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.
  • May 22, 2018: CBS News reported that a sinkhole opened up on the White House North Lawn.
  • January 22, 2019: The Hill reported that a sinkhole opened up in Washington D.C. a block from the White House.

Anyone starting to see a pattern here? For instance, what are your thoughts about the fact that all three attempts to retrieve Trump occurred on the 22nd of the month? What about the fact that two attempts occurred in May?

Ceasar was warned to “beware the ides of March” by the soothsayer in Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar.” Perhaps Trump should beware the ides of May.

The internet responds with hilarity.

As one might expect, Twitter users were quick to respond to the most recent news.

CNN contributor Jeff Yang followed up on Davili’s reasoning tweeting:

  • “As a second sinkhole opens up near the White House, Trump is desperately renegotiating with the netherworld for two more years on the human plane”

Similarly Twitter user jbsimpson_co tweeted:

  • “I think the technical term is Hellmouth.”

GMSarli took things a step further when he tweeted:

  • “A spokesperson for Satan says Hell will be filing suit against sinkhole contractors, Abandon All Hope LLC, who failed to construct a high-priority portal to Hell within the residence of ‘a top client,’ as instructed.”

A few other favorites include:

  • “First a sinkhole opened up at Mar-a-Lago. Today a sinkhole opened up near the @WhiteHouse. I think Satan is out to drag Trump to hell.”
  • “Who’s thumbing through Revelations?”
  • “My response when this happened near Mar-a-Lago was ‘Sinkhole, or portal?'”
  • “Just calling him home…”
  • “Portal to hell, right? That’s it, isn’t it. That has to be what’s next. Everything is cuckoo bananas so yea, probably just a portal to hell for easier come and go for Trump and his Admin. The nightmare never ends.”

And last but not least, Twitter resistance member KevenPlantz took a different approach which is worth mentioning:

  • “That’s not a sinkhole. That’s the only way @RudyGiuliani can go back and forth without breaching sunlight.”
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