Karma Smacks Gun Nut Who Harassed Parkland Survivors With Armored Car – Video

You are gonna love the way sweet karma is kicking this gun nut right square in the butt. #GoodRiddance

Karma reared up and took a bite out of crime in Utah on Friday.

Fox 13 Salt Lake City reported this weekend that the co-owner of Utah Gun Exchange was charged with “one count of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, a third-degree felony, and five counts of purchase, transfer, possess or use of a firearm by a restricted person, all third-degree felonies.”

Bryan Alan Melchior, co-owner of Utah Gun Exchange, made national headlines after he followed Parkland High survivors counter-protesting harassing them with an armored vehicle as they campaigned nationwide for gun control.

The Salt Lake Tribune elaborated on the weapons charges, explaining that although Melchior is not a felon, “he is considered a Class II restricted person because of the marijuana — a Schedule 1 controlled substance — found at his home alongside the guns.”

Utah Gun Exchange Follows Parkland Survivors From State-to-State

The Salt Lake Tribune reported last summer on the effort by Melchior and others associated with Utah Gun Exchange to counter-protest survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida.

From Texas to New York to Utah, students continue to hold rallies and town halls calling for new gun regulations after repeated mass shootings. It is a political movement sparked by the massacre of 17 people at a Florida high school in February.

Now, an owner of a Utah online gun marketplace [Melchior] has taken the company’s military-style armored vehicle on the road, following these students and holding counter-rallies.

Elizabeth Love, one of the executive organizers of March for Our Lives Salt Lake City, spoke with The Salt Lake Tribune regarding the March 24 event where thousands of students and others called for gun control.

“It was frustrating because there were a lot of kids, a lot of teenagers. Then there were all of these adult men who had guns. They had an armored vehicle with a gun mounted on it,” Love said, adding: “We were protesting not being able to feel safe in school because of guns. It felt insensitive.”

Cameron Kasky, a survivor of the Parkland shooting, told The Salt Lake Tribune that he talked with members of the Utah Gun Exchange at their event in Chicago.

“They were telling my friends who had lost family members to gun violence how great guns were,” said Kasky. “My personal belief which is my personal belief and something I’m entitled to is it’s not very tasteful to bring a tank to a march for peace.”


For his part, Melchior remains unrepentant, “offering no apologies for attending these March For Our Lives events,” according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

Melchior, who bought the Utah Gun Exchange in March 2017 and now plans to take it nationwide, says he makes no apologies for attending these March for Our Lives events.

“People say is it insensitive that you show up at these events?” Melchior said, adding: “What’s insensitive is the ability to go out there and promote, send this message that would seek to deprive people of their civil rights.”

However, it appears that karma may have caught up with Melchior according to The Salt Lake Tribune who reported that: “District Attorney Sim Gill said if convicted of the drug charge, Melchior would be upgraded to a Class I restricted person and unable to legally own firearms for the rest of his life, unless the charges were expunged.”

You can watch a news clip about the arrest, courtesy of Fox 13, below:

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