Trump Supporters Discover Their Homes Will End Up On The Mexican Side Of His Wall – Video

Trump supporters discover that the joke is on them, because they will end up living in Mexico if Trump’s border wall is built.

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The battle over the #TrumpShutdown rages on with The Washington Post reporting on Friday that “Trump threatens a years-long shutdown for his wall.”

In a rambling hour-long news conference in the Rose Garden that followed a meeting with senior lawmakers, Trump asserted that he had the power to declare a national emergency to build the wall without Congress — a move that would almost certainly be challenged in the courts. At the same time, he insisted the government would stay shuttered while the wall impasse continues, claiming without offering evidence that previous presidents have told him they wished they had built a wall themselves.

The consensus among most experts is that Trump has created this showdown to pander to his supporters, making these 2017 reports detailing the potential impact of Trump’s wall on his supporters all the more relevant today.

Private land could be seized to build the wall putting Trump supporters on the wrong side of the border. 

NBC News reported that Trump “examined eight recently constructed prototypes for the wall near the U.S.-Mexico border” during his first visit to California since taking the oath of office, as he put it to “pick the right one.”

Continuing, NBC reported that Trump “told reporters a real wall would stop ’99 percent’ of illegal entries across the border from Mexico and likened some of the people attempting to get into the U.S to ‘professional mountain climbers; in their ability to scale high barriers.”

“They’re incredible climbers,” Trump said to reporters during the inspection. “They can’t climb some of these walls. Some of them they can. Those are the walls we’re not using.”

However as Reuters reported: “Mexican residents of a poor Tijuana slum in the shadow of eight prototypes of U.S. President Donald Trump’s planned border wall called the project a waste of money and laughed at the idea the monolithic slabs will stop desperate immigrants.”

However, as it turns out residents of Mexico won’t be the only ones needing to be concerned about the wall if Trump is successful at getting it constructed.

Raw Story reported that: “Trump supporters in Texas are coming to the realization that their vote for the president may force some of them out of their homes for less than they are worth, with others finding out that — if they stay — they’ll be living in Mexico if his wall is built.”

CNN spoke to border dwellers as part of a special report regarding the impact of Trump’s border wall between the USA and Mexico.

Pat Bell of River Bend, Texas, is facing the prospect of her home ending up on the Mexican side of the border if Trump’s wall is built.

As CNN reported, “Bell is a Trump supporter, but she does not support a wall, especially one that would essentially move her home to the Mexican side of it. She says ‘fences and walls don’t work’ which is exactly why she plans to fight for her property.’”

Bell told CNN that she would hire a lawyer and fight Trump’s wall if necessary. “Absolutely I would go to the people in charge and you hate to say ‘I would get a lawyer,’ but if it come to that issue and you have to I would,” she said.

D’Ann Loop of Brownsville, Texas, told CNN that 10 years ago their property was split with half of it ending up on the Mexican side of the border. After taking the matter to court, all of their land was determined to be in Mexico.

“It left us no property on the U.S. side of the border wall, including my house,” she told CNN, adding that: “Everything was behind — on the Mexican side of the U.S. border fence.” Her husband Ray added that they now must “enter the U.S. through a locked gate.”

Newsweek published an article regarding a report that was released by the Democratic staff of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

According to Newsweek:

The report claims Trump’s administration has not outlined how many U.S. citizen landowners will be affected by construction of the barrier, nor a timeline or costs for land seizure. “Despite the Administration’s request for an initial down payment of $1.6 billion to pay for 74 miles of wall construction and replacement fencing in Fiscal Year (FY) 2018, the Administration cannot provide the Committee with any definitive real estate costs or requirements, cannot tell the Committee how many American citizens will have their land seized, and has no timeline for completing land acquisition efforts necessary to build the wall that President Trump has ordered,” a release on the report stated.

The report also suggested that:

Complications with previous fence deployment efforts, and planned staffing increases at the Department of Justice and CBP illustrate a point that DHS itself has made: “Real estate acquisition for border fence construction is a very complex issue, particularly in Texas.”

Before spending billions of taxpayer dollars on the construction of a wall along the southwest border, CBP, DHS, and the President have an obligation to Congress – and to the American people – to address questions related to land acquisition that, to date, remain unanswered.

You can watch the CNN clip below discussing the controversy with some of Trump’s supporters.

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