Dana Loesch Slithers To An All-Time Low

Dana Loesch

Dana Loesch gets called out after launching an absurd attack on Kamala Harris.

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Conservative political activist and NRA mouthpiece Dana Loesch is no stranger to controversy. She went from working on Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign to a string of jobs working for right-wing media. She has worked with Breitbart, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, and other notable wingnuts before settling into her current post special assistant to the executive vice president for public communication with the National Rifle Association.

Dana Loesch reaches an all-time low.

Loesch has a well-established history of inflammatory rhetoric, particularly during the course of her tenure with the NRA. While it’s hard to pinpoint an exact “all-time low,” I would aver that her recent battle with Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris of California is certainly in the running for that distinction.

The battle began with a video starring Loesch that was posted by NRATV on February 11th of this year. Titled “Kamala Harris: An Existential Threat To Our Second Amendment,” the video accused Harris of spearheading a socialist assault on America. However, the main purpose of the clip appeared to be a call for donations from deep-pocketed gun lovers.

The Daily Beast posted a link on their Twitter account linking to an article titled: “Dana Loesch: Only the NRA Can Stop ‘Existential Threat’ Kamala Harris, So Give Us Money Now.”

Harris responded with a tweet of her own, stating: “You know what’s a threat? Gun violence. It kills on average 96 people every day. I will never be afraid to stand up to the gun lobby and their efforts to make our communities less safe.”

That prompted an absurd response by Loesch. “The “gun lobby” isn’t doing this — it’s the criminals you’re soft on who drive gun crime. Your state ranks lowest on felony gun prosecutions on your watch, Too busy going after poor families over truancy, I guess,” she began.

Not yet satisfied that she had stooped low enough, Loesch continued with the following abhorrent remark: “Furthermore @KamalaHarris , your 96 total includes suicides, a purposeful and disingenuous conflation that presents murder and suicide as the same thing ethically, legally, and morally, while diminishing the importance of mental health awareness and solutions in the process.”

Twitter quickly responds to Loesch’s tweet

Author and New York Magazine contributor Mark Harris was one of the first to react to the horror of Loesch’s remark. “‘Suicides don’t count’ is all the proof you will ever need that the NRA is run by utterly immoral people,” he tweeted.

A few other noteworthy tweets include:

  • Good lord. You don’t think suicide by gun is gun violence??
  • Your purposeful refusal to acknowledge suicide as gun violence is what’s disingenuous. Easy access to a gun turns an impulse into a tragedy for more than 60 American families every day, including mine.
  • The NRA keeps trying to strip suicides out of gun deaths as if the high suicide rate has nothing to do with guns. Suicide with a gun is a gun death. Having a gun in the house is the number one risk factor for suicide. And no they don’t use other methods if there is no gun.

One Twitter user posted the following information [which we have not verified, but it does make an intersting point – so we have included it here.]

  • Success rate of suicide by gun: ~90%
  • Success rate of suicide by all other means: <10%
  • Gun suicides per year (U.S.): ~22,000
  • If U.S. had gun regulation comparable to our peer nations, that number would be around 4,000. Self-violence is violence. More guns = more suicides.
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