Sen. Kennedy Shows What a Trump Shill He Really Is

On Wednesday, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) went on CNN to defend Trump and dismiss the damning revelations in Bob Woodward’s new bombshell book, but it didn’t go so well. It was a complete embarrassment.

CNN show host Pamela Brown did her best to pin the senator down, but he just kept repeating the same lame line. “These gotcha books don’t really interest me that much,” he said several times.

Brown argued that Trump was recorded saying he was downplaying the coronavirus. “He’s on the record,” she told Kennedy.

But the only defense of the president he could muster was to repeat his line about gotcha books not interesting him.


The fact is, Trump told Woodward that he was downplaying the dangers of the virus to the American people for months. He knew it was much worse than what the administration was admitting publicly, but he continued to tell the country that it was a hoax that would just go away.

To her credit, Brown kept trying to get through to the Trump shill. “As a human being, how can you be okay with this?” she pressed. But all she could get out of him was that same canned response.

This is the problem with Kennedy and the rest of the Republicans. They are determined to defend Trump’s reprehensible behavior, no matter what. They absolutely refuse to hold him accountable for anything. That makes them complicit in his crimes.

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