Jim Carrey Knocks It Out of the Park with Biden Impersonation! -VIDEO

Saturday Night Live kicked off its new 46th season this weekend, and they started it off with a bang. The Cold Open featured Jim Carrey in his debut performance as Joe Biden. And he was brilliant.

SNL recreated the first presidential debate between Biden and Trump, which took place last week. Alec Baldwin returned with his hilarious portrayal of the president, and Beck Bennett played Fox News’ Chris Wallace as the moderator.

There was also a cameo performance of Emmy-winning Maya Rudolph for her impersonation of vice presidential hopeful Kamala Harris.

The SNL sketch was chaotic, with Baldwin’s Trump constantly interrupting, much like the real debate.

My favorite part of the skit was near the end when Biden pulled out a TV remote and froze Trump. Oh, how I wish we could do that in real life.

“I think we all needed a break. Isn’t that satisfying,” Carrey asked, “just not to hear his voice for a single goddamned second? Let’s wallow in it. Let’s bask in the Trump-lessness.”

He added, “America, look at me. Look directly into my eyeballs. You can trust me because I believe in science and karma. Now just imagine if science and karma could team up to send us all a message about how dangerous this virus can be.”

I hope that Joe Biden wins the election next month for many reasons. A huge bonus would be that we can enjoy four years of Jim Carrey playing him on SNL.


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