Ted Cruz About To Show Huge Disrespect For President Obama


Ted Cruz is about to demonstrate his complete disrespect for President Obama by skipping his final State of the Union address.

Of the four Presidential candidates who are sitting members of Congress, only three of them will be in attendance at President Obama’s final State of the Union address Tuesday night. Senators Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Bernie Sanders will all be there, but apparently Ted Cruz could not be bothered to show any respect at all to Barack Obama, the office of the Presidency, or even to the American people.

The Texas Senator has instead decided to remain in New Hampshire campaigning for his own bid for the White House. According to Cruz campaign spokesman Rick Tyler,

“It’s not a snub. He’s going to be in New Hampshire, working hard to win New Hampshire. No disrespect. It just is going to work out this way.”

No disrespect for President Obama? Really??

Well the Cruz campaign also explained that another reason their candidate didn’t feel the need to attend Tuesday night’s SOTU is because no matter what Obama says, Ted Cruz will be “disappointed.” So why bother showing up to watch the President in person? Tyler continued,

“It won’t matter because he’ll be just as disappointed in New Hampshire as he will be in the chamber.”

And meanwhile, guess what Cruz will be doing while President Obama is delivering his final SOTU….

Well, basically, Senator Cruz will be in New Hampshire pretending that he is the actual President. Cruz is literally going to hold his own State of the Union immediately before Obama’s. Yes, really. The Dallas Morning News is calling it the “State Of Our Union Town Hall Meeting With Senator Ted Cruz.”

I’d really like to think that a stunt like this would do damage to a candidate like Ted Cruz. But if Donald Trump has taught us anything, it’s that there’s nothing too low or disrespectful for neo-Con voters.

Way to keep it classy, Cruz.


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