Trump Tells Congressional Leaders He Lost Popular Vote Because 3-5 Million ‘Illegals’ Voted

Trump hosted a reception for congressional leaders at the White House Monday night. And he insisted to the bipartisan lawmakers that the only reason he lost the popular vote was because 3 to 5 million “illegals” voted.

Several people who were at the reception told the Washington Post Monday night that Trump still can’t stop obsessing over his inaugural crowd size. He spent several minutes repeating the lie that his crowd was the biggest in history. And then he attacked the press again for reporting the facts.

Trump also doubled down on one of the big lies he told right before and after the election. Despite the fact that there were virtually no cases of voter fraud reported in this election, and despite the fact that there is absolutely no evidence to back up his absurd claim, Trump told the group that he only lost the popular vote because 3 million to 5 million “illegals” voted for Hillary.

Clearly he is also extremely bothered by and obsessed with his popular vote loss.

After the meeting, reporters asked House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) if Trump made any surprising comments at the gathering.

McCarthy hinted about Trump’s statements.

“We talked about different electoral college, popular votes, going through the different ones. Well, we talked about going back through past elections. Everyone in there goes through elections and stuff, so everybody’s giving their different histories of different parts.”

And Nancy Pelosi said,

“Well, I won’t even go into that.”



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