Trump’s Immigration Force Just Arrested A Seattle ‘Dreamer’

Trump said they were only looking for and deporting violent criminals. He lied.

On Friday, 23-year-old “Dreamer” Daniel Ramirez Medina was arrested in Seattle. Medina was brought to America as a child, and he has no criminal record.

He was only 7-years-old when his parents brought him from Mexico. Years later he was given a work permit under Obama’s DACA program allowing him to live and work here legally.

Under DACA Medina should’ve been protected. Trump has said repeatedly that he was only going after hardened dangerous criminals. And he told the Dreamers they needn’t worry.

He lied.

Reuters reports,

“[Medina] filed a challenge to his detention in Seattle federal court on Monday, arguing that the government violated his constitutional rights because he had work authorization under the DACA program.”

Medina’s lawyer says he believes his client is the first Dreamer to be arrested. And he said they’re really hoping that this whole thing is just a mistake.

“Under DACA, the government collected information including participants’ addresses that potentially could be used to locate and deport them if the program is reversed.”

“[Medina] was brought to the United States from Mexico in about 2001 at about age 7, according to the lawsuit. The government granted him a DACA card in 2014 and renewed it in 2016, finding that he was no threat to public safety. He has a 3-year-old son, according to the complaint.”

According to the lawsuit, Medina was asleep at his father’s house when ICE showed up to arrest his father. (It is unclear why the father was arrested.) When the ICE agents asked Medina if he was in the country legally he told them that he had a work permit.

They arrested him anyway.

Medina was told, “It doesn’t matter, because you weren’t born in this country.”

Medina was then fingerprinted, booked, and sent to a detention center in Tacoma where he remains in custody.


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