Obama’s Address To The Boy Scouts In 2010 -VIDEO

If you want to see just how far down the road to hell we’ve actually gone, watch how President Obama addressed the Boy Scouts in 2010. Then think about what Trump just did.

On Monday night, Donald Trump joined in a decades-old tradition of a sitting president speaking at the national Boy Scout Jamboree. But his speech was anything but traditional.

Unlike presidents of the past, Trump did not talk to the young boys about leadership or patriotism or service or honor or self-respect. He instead gave a highly inappropriate, hyperpartisan speech demonizing President Obama, Hillary Clinton, government, the press, and at least half the country.

At one point, he told the 40,000 kids in attendance a bizarre rambling story about a drunken orgy on a yacht. He also egged them on to boo a former president and a former secretary of state.

Watching Trump tell the kids that he wanted more loyalty and then lead them to boo Obama was beyond disturbing. It was actually terrifying. It felt like watching Hitler with the youth in Nazi Germany.

To give you some perspective on just how bad Trump’s speech really was, take a look at Obama’s speech to the Boy Scouts back in 2010.

l-Unlike Trump’s rambling pointless 38-minute diatribe, Obama got straight to his well-thought-out message in his two-minute prerecorded address.

Obama, who is a former scout, said,

“For a century, scouts just like you have served your communities in ways big and small. During World War II, scouts played a vital role at home by running messages and selling war bonds.”

Obama told the kids that 11 out of the 12 men who have walked on the moon once earned merit badges too.

“That service is worth celebrating, but there’s still more to do,” Obama said. “Even though we face a different set of challenges than we did 100 years ago, you’re no less important. In the years ahead we’re going to depend on you, the next generation of leaders, to move America forward.”

And unlike after Trump’s speech, the Boy Scouts didn’t have to issue an apology for what Obama said. Parents didn’t pull their kids out of the Scouts because of Obama’s words either.

Here’s what a real President sounds like:

And then there’s this:

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