Fox Host Shuts Down Sheriff Clarke’s Bigotry And Hatred Toward John Lewis -VIDEO

Wing-nut Trump supporter Sheriff Clarke tried to spew his hatred for civil rights icon John Lewis. This Fox News host wasn’t having it. 

Fox News is nothing short of Trump state-run TV. But I think it’s important to point out when they actually do something right.

On Saturday, there was a rare occurrence. One of the Fox hosts actually called out lies coming from a Trump supporting guest.

The former sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, David Clarke appeared on the network to defend Trump and attack John Lewis (D-GA) on Saturday morning. But he hit a road block to his hatred with host Eboni Williams.

Clarke was upset that Lewis decided to boycott the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum opening because of Donald Trump.

“John who?” the sheriff asked completely disrespecting Lewis.

Williams quickly responded incensed, “John Lewis – he was bloodied on the Selma bridge, sheriff, when he was trying to protest voting rights and organizing sit-ins.”

As Williams tried to explain the role Lewis played in the civil rights movement Clarke rudely interrupted her saying, “John Lewis has become one of the most irrelevant members of Congress.”

He added,

“Look, no one cares what John Lewis is doing, he’s been reduced to being a caricature in that he has to pull a political stunt like this, he can’t even honor the civil rights museum opening. He has to pull a political stunt like this to get news coverage, that’s how bad this is”

Williams shot back,

“Sheriff let me say this to you, for you to say that nobody cares about John Lewis is inaccurate, because I assure you that there are many people across this country that absolutely do care about him. This museum opening is about the civil rights of American citizens, so when it comes to his record on that, Sheriff Clarke, I think it’s pretty undisputed.”

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