Fox’s Tomi Lahren Forced To Apologize After Disgustingly Mocking Joe Kennedy

Tomi Lahren has now apologized for and deleted these gross things she posted on social media about Democrat Joe Kennedy III.

Tuesday night, following Donald Trump’s first State of the Union speech, Congressman Joe Kennedy III gave the Democratic response. And apparently it really rubbed Tomi Lahren the wrong way.

Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren went to social media after Kennedy’s speech and made several obnoxious and vile comments about the Democrat. By Wednesday night, after receiving major backlash, she removed some of the posts and apologized for her disgusting behavior.

She tweeted on Wednesday,

“My comments on my personal Instagram about Kennedy’s response were inappropriate and I take full responsibility for that. I got too upset. I sincerely apologize.”

While Kennedy was speaking Tuesday night, Lahren posted two stories to her Instagram mocking the Congressman. In the first story, she called him a “nasty little ginger.” And in the second, she called him “that little limp dick.”

And on Tuesday, she also tweeted that Kennedy looks like transgender activist and former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner.

“Is it just me or does Joe Kennedy III look a helluva lot like pre-Caitlyn Bruce Jenner?” she wrote on Twitter.

On Wednesday, Lahren continued to mock Kennedy — posting and then deleting an Instagram post comparing Kennedy with Jenner. “I’m not wrong,” she wrote next to the two pictures side by side.

Lahren is not new to being an asshole. She’s had lots of practice. Before going to work for Fox she was permanently banned from the Blaze after alienating the entire staff.

Just last month, she was on Hannity saying that all Liberals wanted Trump “to die.”

“They want him to fail and they him to be ill and they want him to die. Let’s be honest, that’s exactly what they want,” Lahren said. “They’re so frustrated that he is winning for the American people.”

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