2 Trump-Loving Moms Indicted After Taking Children To Mosque To Hate On Muslims -VIDEO

These Trump-loving women live streamed on Facebook while they and their children were in a mosque spewing hatred toward Muslims. But they couldn’t escape karma. Both women have now been indicted.

Earlier this month, I told you about two Arizona women who were in trouble because they recorded themselves bringing their young children to a local mosque to vandalize and spew hatred toward Muslims. The women live streamed their disgusting act on Facebook.

Well, according to court filings released on Monday, Tahnee Gonzales and Elizabeth Dauenhauer were formally charged last week and now face charges of third-degree burglary and aggravated criminal damage. Both are felonies. Gonzales also now faces three misdemeanor charges of child endangerment and another misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

The Southern Poverty Law Center reports that the two women were arrested and booked into the Tempe City Jail on March 15. Both women were then released from jail without having to post bail. But they are being required to wear electronic ankle monitors. And they are both now prohibited from possessing guns or weapons.

The disgusting videos that prompted the investigation and arrests featured the two women, along with their young children, vandalizing the Islamic Community Center of Tempe while they spewed hatred toward Muslims.

In the video, one of the children is heard saying, “Be careful, because Muslims are waiting to rape you.” Another is heard saying, “Muslims smell like goats.”

At one point in the video, one of the women is heard justifying her actions by saying that Muslims “live off the welfare system, off our hard-earned, taxpayer-funded money.” At another point, one of the mothers complains, “And they multiply. They’re multiplying so that they’re able to continue their invasion and illegal take-over of everything.”

Later on in the video, the children are seen climbing on top of a funeral van belonging to the mosque and one of the women warns them that there are “dead Muslims” and “sex goats” in the vehicle.

The two women are scheduled to be in court in Mesa, Arizona for a preliminary hearing on April 5. The Tempe police department says that a hate crime will be considered at sentencing.

Here’s the video of these horrible women:

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