Stormy Daniels Is Perfectly Destroying Trump Trolls On Twitter

The porn star’s handling of trolls on Twitter is a true work of art.

Porn star Stormy Daniels has become a #1 target for hateful misogynistic Trump fans. But she is taking it in stride. And on Twitter she is putting on a masterclass for how to deal with rude trolls.

Trump and his surrogates have repeatedly denied that Trump had an affair with Daniels. But they also have no explanation for the $130,000 payment of hush money that was paid to the porn actress by Trump’s personal lawyer. Daniels is now suing Trump to try to get out of the nondisclosure agreement, which Trump never signed.

The Trump trolls don’t want to hear about the truth, though. Clearly, they recognize that paying a porn star hush money is a dangerous scandal for the president. But, instead of holding Trump accountable for his actions, they are attacking the woman online.

And Daniels is not shying away from the rabid trolls. She’s simply smacking them down – one at a time. Many of the trolls were so humiliated by Stormy Daniels that they deleted their tweets attacking her.

One of the funniest posts attacking Daniels said that Trump would never sleep with her when he’s got Ivanka (his freaking daughter) at home.

Daniels also helped some of the trolls with their spelling.

Stormy Daniels burned some trolls so bad that they deleted their tweets.

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