Katy Tur Challenges GOP Rep. To Answer Question Without Using Hillary’s Name; He Couldn’t Do It -VIDEO

Republicans are obsessed with Hillary Clinton. They can’t function without attacking her. Watch Rep. Jim Jordan fail after he’s challenged to answer a Trump question without using her name.

On Friday, Republican Congressman Jim Jordan (OH) was on MSNBC with Katy Tur. And it was just pathetic. Even when Tur called him on his constant use of Hillary’s name, he couldn’t answer a simple Trump question without using it.

Tur asked Jordan about Trump’s pardon of Scooter Libby.

“Can you answer the question without using Hillary Clinton’s name?” Tur asked. “Do you think it’s looks a little bit suspicious for the president to pardon someone who’s convicted of lying to the FBI and obstruction of justice when all of this stuff is going on?”

Jordan answered saying that it was “suspicious and strange” that a special counsel was appointed after James Comey was fired. Jordan has a problem with Mueller looking into obstruction of justice because of the Comey firing.

Tur then asked him if he thought that the Justice Department “was out to get the president.”

It was less than 30 seconds after Tur asked him to answer without talking about Hillary. But Jordan just couldn’t do it. He argued that there was a double standard between Rod Rosenstein’s handling of the Mueller investigation and the Clinton email investigation.

“Ah, you used the Secretary Clinton name,” Tur said. “I told you to answer without using ‘Secretary Clinton.’ “

“But you have to because that’s what the American people see, they see two standards,” Jordan replied.


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